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Bacon Soap

Do you want to know what the most irresistible scent on the planet is? You might think of floral fra..

Price: £4.95

Bacon Toothpaste

Can't decide if this is rubbish or awesome. So you've enjoyed your scrumptious bacon sandwich in the..

Price: £4.95

Bacon Wallet

Be sure not to ration the fun with the brilliant bacon wallet. This meaty masterpiece is the only pl..

Price: £9.95

Banana Stress Reliever

If life is really driving you around the bend, then pick up this Banana Stress Reliever, rather than..

Price: £5.99

Basketball Hoop Fridge Magnet

Slam Dunk any kitchen essentials in this Basketball Hoop Fridge Magnet, which sticks to the face of ..

Price: £2.99

Batman Apron DC Comics

Batman is everybody’s favourite dark hero, he’s brave, sexy and just a little bit mysterious. It’s r..

Price: £11.95

Batman Bath Duck DC Comics

Turn every bathtime into an adventure with fun this Batman Bath Duck. This isn't any ordinar..

Price: £6.00

Batman Cape Towel DC Comics

Let boring bath time be a thing of the past when you become the world's greatest superhero, with the..

Price: £12.95

Batman Heat Changing Mug DC Comics

Nothing inspires fear and awe in the hearts of those who misbehave quite like the Dark Knight. Even ..

Price: £6.95

BBC Branded Mug (BBC Shop Exclusive)

Own your very own BBC branded mug. This white mug with original BBC logo design is exclusive to BBC ..

Price: £7.99

Beano Farty Putty

Are you a fan of the Beano collection? Join Dennis the Menace in some serious finger parping pranks ..

Price: £2.99

Bear Claw Scratcher

Isn't it frustrating when you have an itch but can't quite reach it! Stress no more with the Bear Cl..

Price: £4.95

Beat Bot Flat Pack Speaker Robot

Build your own robot sound system for your phone! Features: Pop-up cardboard stereo sound for your p..

Price: £9.95

Become A Chav Or Chavette - Gift Pack

Let’s think of the upsides to being a Chav. Comfy tracksuits, trainers and lots of bling… We al..

Price: £19.99

Beer Bong

The legendary "yard of ale" challenge is back with the beer bong! Hold the funnel above your head, i..

Price: £10.00

Beer OClock Beer Soap

Enjoy a refreshing wash with this select beer soap from the master brewer at the Beer O&39;Clock..

Price: £8.99

Beer Prescription Pint Glass Set Of 2

What's the remedy for a boring party? There's only one prescription you can count on to cure what ai..

Price: £12.59

Beer Sax

This Beer Sax is the perfect item for a birthday or stag party. Create a game centred around the sax..

Price: £12.99

Beer Shower Curtain

A fun item for the home! Features: Appeals to beer lovers, students and home owners with a sense ..

Price: £9.95

Beer Shower Gel

The perfect gift for any Beer swigger! Features: 300ml Of beer coloured lathering shower gel Bott..

Price: £4.95

Belly Button Brush

For the person who has everything! Our Belly Button Brush is the ultimate status symbol, which carr..

Price: £9.99

Billy Bass

Now the ultimate trophy fish is back and he’s got a brand new song too! Rock out to Billy’s classic ..

Price: £14.99

Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Kit

Features: Beard grooming kit that contains everything you need for a soft, well groomed and healthy..

Price: £23.95

Biohazard Drinks Pouch

Designed to look like a pouch of dangerous chemicals Biohazard Drinks Pouch can be filled with 500m..

Price: £4.99

Black Bat Mug DC Comics

Even caped crusaders need a tea break. All tuckered out after another night of fighting crime? This..

Price: £9.99

Blood Bath - Bath Mat

Upon entering the bathroom give your guests the shock of their lives with this Blood Bath Mat - the ..

Price: £10.94

Blood bath hand towel

Add a sinister splash of blood and gore to your bathroom with our latest addition to the infamous Bl..

Price: £7.99

Blood Bath Shower Curtain

Fans of movie horror and lovers of slasher gore in general will love this blood bath Shower Curtain...

Price: £4.99

Blood Bath Shower Gel

Forget about Cocoa Butter and Honey Jojoba, all the vampires nowadays are washing in cherry scented ..

Price: £4.95

Blue Lego Brick Keychain

Can you imagine living in a house built of Lego? We would never leave home, that's for sure! If you'..

Price: £7.99

Blue Q Instantly Talk With Your Cat Breath Spray

Nonchalant aloof worshipped by man for years with people constantly running around after him/her ..

Price: £6.99

Blue Robot Mug

Awesome robot - reporting for duty! With a 1950s retro design, the dials and buttons are beautifully..

Price: £6.99

Boba Fett Star Wars Hooded Bathrobe

Boba Fett Star Wars Hooded Bathrobe You might've seen the other Star Wars bath robes, you may have b..

Price: £34.99

Bogey Man - Egg Yolk Separator

Boogers Boogers, everywhere! Boogers, Boogers in your hair! Nobody likes a load of snot in their hai..

Price: £4.95

Boobie Beer Glass

Boobies! Your beer drinking buddy will howl when he sees this boobie glass which does indeed feature..

Price: £19.99

Boxed Star Wars R2-D2 And C-3PO Set Of 2 Egg Cups

Any true fan of Star Wars won't need any egging on, to snap up this set of wonderful egg cups. Featu..

Price: £7.99

Breaking Bad Heisenberg Bottle Opener

Strong, sturdy and cool - just like Walter White himself, this awesome bottle opener will make a gre..

Price: £5.99

Breaking Bad Waterproof Hooded Body Suit

This Breaking Bad waterproof body suit is sure to set you aside from the crowd! Walter White is defi..

Price: £9.99

Bubble Wrap Costume

Whenever a package or parcel comes our way, we’re always more interested in the thought of the bubbl..

Price: £12.95

Build Your Own Moose Head Large

The large Build Your Own Moose Head will allow you to build your very own wooden ornamental moose h..

Price: £9.99

Build Your Own PAC-MAN Pixel Bricks

Grab your own piece of arcade game history with this great PAC-MAN collectable! A must for any class..

Price: £7.99

Build Your Own Red Blinky PAC-MAN Ghost Pixel Bricks

As one of the most iconic video games in history, the PAC-MAN arcade game became as famous for it's ..

Price: £7.99

Bullshit Button

If you get a whiff of bullshit but are too polite to say, let the Bullshit Alert Button say it for y..

Price: £5.95

Burger and Fries Lip Balm Duo

Cotton candy Burger Lip Balm and vanilla Fries Lip Balm are ideal for when you’re in need of a ..

Price: £5.95

Burger Cushion

Features: Photo realistic cushion Amazing Cushion that will truly make you look twice! Sublimation..

Price: £11.95

Burger Mug

Feeling hungry? If you're a take-away fiend, or simply like to pay homage to good ol' classic Britis..

Price: £4.99

Butchered Horror Apron

Well, this brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'getting your hands dirty in the kitchen!' Prote..

Price: £10.99

Butt Head Game

Butt Head is a hilarious game of catch which swaps your hands for your head. Each person attaches ..

Price: £9.99

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