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Machete Spatula

The ideal accessory for chefs cooking up a killer feast on the BBQ the Machete Spatula not only fli..

Price: £11.99

Magic Fish

When you put a teabag in to brew you expect to get tea... when you put the magic teabag into brew yo..

Price: £9.95

Magical Unicorn Mask

You have permission to horse around with this on your head it'd be rude not to. The most realistic ..

Price: £18.99

Magical Unicorn Slippers

What a crap present these would make! Plush unicorns with embroidered details and golden horns Slip-..

Price: £24.95

Magnetic Wristband

The Magnetic Wrist Band for screws and nails is a brilliant tool. Before its invention, how did hand..

Price: £9.99

Man Bar Tools

The manly way to make cocktails! Features: Very manly! Tools are housed in a case that looks lik..

Price: £24.95

Man Bowl

Do you find yourself always dishing up extra portions for the greedy man in your life! Then we think..

Price: £12.95

Man Flu Survival Kit

This is the perfect Man Flu Survival Kit for when his sniffles (and the man himself) get too much to..

Price: £8.95

Man Flu Survivor Mug

Man Flu - The mysterious illness that men claim is horrible and women claim is made up. We all know ..

Price: £5.99

Man Mug

The Man Mug – the manliest mug around! Features: Oversized Man Mug Saw handle has a slot for a pe..

Price: £9.95

MAN Toilet Football

A football fan is a loyal sort Football infiltrates their life in every way possible and that is the..

Price: £6.59

Man Up - 367 Classic Skills for the Modern Guy

A perfect 'Man' gift! Features: Journalist Paul O’Donnell and his team of knowledgeable experts ta..

Price: £9.95

Manatea Tea Infuser

The Manatea Tea Infuser is a cute little manatee who likes nothing more than relaxing on the side of..

Price: £7.99

Mario Gnome

The humble garden gnome has had a makeover and this Super Mario version is set to upstage your wacky..

Price: £24.99

Marvel Captain America USB 8GB Memory Stick

Make boring USB flash drives a distant 'memory' with this fun Marvel Comics creation! Featuring the ..

Price: £14.99

Marvel Comics 3D Captain America Shield Wall Light

Make a Marvel-ous statement with this bold Captain America Shield wall light! It looks just like the..

Price: £36.99

Marvel Comics 3D Hulk Fist Wall Light

Make a Marvel-ous statement with this punchy Incredible Hulk wall light! It looks just like the big ..

Price: £36.99

Marvel Comics 3D Iron Man Mask Wall Light

Make a Marvel-ous statement with this bold Iron Man mask wall light! This is a technical wonder that..

Price: £36.99

Marvel Comics 3D Spider-Man Mask Wall Light

Make a Marvel-ous statement with this cracking Spider-Man mask wall light! This striking work of art..

Price: £36.99

Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk Costume Fleece Snuggler

When your day is looking a bit more 'need to crash' instead of 'need to smash' - this awesome snuggl..

Price: £12.99

Marvel Comics Spider-Man Costume Fleece Snuggler

When they're not saving the world - super heroes need their rest too, and what better way to rest ac..

Price: £12.99

Marvel Incredible Hulk USB 8GB Memory Stick

What an incredible find! This official, Marvel Comics USB flash drive comes in the form of the chunk..

Price: £14.99

Marvel Iron Man USB 8GB Memory Stick

Let this little chap iron out that challenging task of finding a USB flash drive that not only holds..

Price: £14.99

Marvel Spider-Man USB 8GB Memory Stick

Need somewhere to save all the pics of your heroic missions? This awesome Spider-Man USB Flash Drive..

Price: £14.99

Mascara Vibrator

Goodness, your eyes look wonderfully bright today – and you’re positively glowing. Maybe it’s that n..

Price: £19.95

MC Hammer: Can't Touch This Mug

When MC Hammer hit the scene with his baggy pants, running man dance and of course, the classic choo..

Price: £5.99

Mclovin Cork Screw

My oh my, is that a cork screw or are you just happy to see the bottle, Mr McLovin?!This hilarious c..

Price: £8.95

Meerkat Pen

Meerkats, those cute little rodents native to the African continent are now extremely popular due ma..

Price: £3.99

Megaphone Drinking Hat

The Megaphone Drinking Hat combines the real mans favourite hobbies, drinking and being loud!This br..

Price: £16.95

Melting Clock

Delightfully Dali and quintessentially surreal, this L-shaped clock might appear hot stuff, but can ..

Price: £8.95

Melting Liquid Lamp

This super cool white Melting Liquid Lamp will look completely awesome anywhere its placed! On the d..

Price: £12.95

Men's Marvel Comics Captain America Dressing Gown

How do you think Steve Rogers spends his Sundays? Snuggled up in one of these dressing gowns....(whe..

Price: £29.99

Mens High Top Trainer Slippers - Black

High Tops are the trainers everyone is going mad about, so we know that whether you’re 18 or 58, you..

Price: £14.95

Mens Razor Vegetable Peeler

Even the toughest vegetables have sensitive skin! This razor shaped peeler gives spuds and veg a gen..

Price: £6.49

Metal Rockstar Nail File

Ensure your nails always steal the show with the Metal Rockstar Nail File. Shaped like a 'Flying V' ..

Price: £6.99

Microwaveable Bagpuss

The title character is "an old, saggy cloth cat, baggy, and a bit loose at the seams". Amazingly&nbs..

Price: £14.95

Middle Class Problems

Features: Problems but not real actual problems, just middle class ones Collection of real-life inc..

Price: £9.95

Mindbending Brain Trickery

Mindbending Brain Trickery contains an amazing range of tricks to fool your friends.Your mind will b..

Price: £5.99

Minecraft Creeper Beanie Hat

Get your gaming head in gear with this unique Minecraft Beanie. Pop it on when you're up to your eye..

Price: £4.99

Minecraft Diamond Sword Keychain

Always be prepared for those terrifying encounters with peril with this Minecraft Sword Keychain. Ou..

Price: £4.99

Minecraft Pickaxe Keyring

Calling all miners! Put on your hardhat helmet, slip into your mining gloves and start picking with ..

Price: £3.99

Minecraft Replica Foam Pickaxe

What happens when you in a place where you can just pick your way out with a pickaxe and run from th..

Price: £14.99

Minecraft Replica Sword

What happens when you in a place where you can just pick up your sword and do battle with Zombies an..

Price: £14.99

Minger Power Top Trump Card Game

Minger Power is an astounding collection of photographs following the usual 'top trumps' format. Car..

Price: £3.99

Mini Mixer

Impress everyone with your DJ skills! Professionally fade between tracks on two different devices! ..

Price: £19.95

Mini Shopping Trolley Desk Tidy

This cute mini trolley is a unique way to house your pens, pencils and paperclips.Blessed with a stu..

Price: £7.99

Miniature Executive Billiards

•Mini Executive Billiards•Fun Table Top Game including miniature billiard table, 2 cues, colourful p..

Price: £9.99

Miniature Executive Darts

•Mini Executive Darts•Fun Table Top Game including 4 magnetic darts, dart board and wooden stand•Sma..

Price: £9.99

Miniature Executive Golf

•Mini Executive Golf •Fun Table Top Game including realistic putting green, 2 silver clubs, ball and..

Price: £9.99

Miniature Executive Table Tennis

•Mini Executive Table Tennis•Fun Table Top Game including two bats and a small table•Small practical..

Price: £9.99

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