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Haynes - Allotment Manual
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Haynes - Allotment Manual

Online Price: £14.95
Rubbish Present Shop: Prezzybox

Haynes - Allotment Manual Product Description

Having written over 20 gardening books Paul Peacock has now collaborated with Haynes to produce an easy ‘Haynes’ style manual for the allotment owner, whether an experienced allotment owner or a complete novice. Paul peacock was the founder editor of Grow It and Home Farmer magazine, as well as introducing beekeeping nationwide and creating a school allotment in Manchester, he is now a regular panellist on BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners' Question Time.

He’s put all this knowledge and experience into creating a no-nonsense, fool-proof manual on allotment keeping. Not only does it include tips and techniques of growing fruit and vegetables that you would expect to find in such a book it guides you through other areas of allotment keeping not usually covered.

This book will guide you through problems you may encounter, especially topics facing the modern allotment owner today, such as legal and financial problems that may arise and ‘allotment politics’.

You will also find some ideas and tips on projects that you could carry out, such as an allotment shop or competitions. You will be guided through finding the right plot, dealing with weeds, pests, soil management, fertility, raised beds, crop rotations, as well as a comprehensive A-Z guide on growing fruit and vegetables and a few pointers on how to get along with your fellow allotment keepers! Get to know the basic rules and ‘allotment etiquette’, bartering techniques, and how to deal with, and what to expect from communal tools and areas.

With over 260 illustrations, this amazing book will help and inspire you to do magnificent things with your allotment.


  • Suitable for the budding or experienced allotment owners
  • Details some of the more advanced aspects of modern allotment keeping
  • Includes information on planning projects such as an allotment shop, and outlines the legal and financial issues that face allotment owner

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