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Framed Nintendo Luigi Face Mirror

If you're a fan of the (incredibly) Super Mario Brothers, then this awesome, but subtle nod of appre..

Price: £12.99

Framed Nintendo Mario Face Mirror

Mama Mia! Boy, do we have a treat for you! If you're a fan of the (incredibly) Super Mario Brothers,..

Price: £12.99

Inflatable Gadget Chair (Everthing Chair)

Kick back and relax on the awesome Everything Chair. Comfort and entertainment are the top priority ..

Price: £49.99

Mario Gnome

The humble garden gnome has had a makeover and this Super Mario version is set to upstage your wacky..

Price: £24.99

Minecraft Creeper Beanie Hat

Get your gaming head in gear with this unique Minecraft Beanie. Pop it on when you're up to your eye..

Price: £4.99

Minecraft Diamond Sword Keychain

Always be prepared for those terrifying encounters with peril with this Minecraft Sword Keychain. Ou..

Price: £4.99

Minecraft Pickaxe Keyring

Calling all miners! Put on your hardhat helmet, slip into your mining gloves and start picking with ..

Price: £3.99

Minecraft Replica Foam Pickaxe

What happens when you in a place where you can just pick your way out with a pickaxe and run from th..

Price: £14.99

Minecraft Replica Sword

What happens when you in a place where you can just pick up your sword and do battle with Zombies an..

Price: £14.99

Nikko: Angry Birds Infrared Control iRacer - Red

Nikko: Angry Birds Infrared Controlled iRacers are ready for destruction. From the immensely popular..

Price: £4.99

Nintendo Controller Bi-Fold Wallet

Stash your cash in true old school style with this wicked Nintendo controller inspired wallet...

Price: £14.99

Nintendo Gamer Controller Backpack

GEEK ALERT!!! What's this, a mega Nintendo Gamer Controller backpack, oh yes! This big old bag has ..

Price: £29.99

Pac-Man Canvas Belt

This awesome pac-man belt features ghosty legends, Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde alternating all the..

Price: £14.99

Pac-Man Colour Changing Ghost Lamp

This fully Licensed Pan-Man Ghost Lamp is an awesome gift for any Pac-Man lover. The Pac-Man Ghost ..

Price: £29.95

Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug

Such a genius idea, we can't believe no-ones done it before! Not only does this wicked mug help us r..

Price: £7.99

Pac-Man Ice Cube Tray

For the ultimate retro beverage, pop one of these wicked Pac-Man ice cubes in your fave drink and re..

Price: £6.99

Pack Of Two Pac-Man Ponchos

These Pac-Man Ponchos are your perfect companions for the Summer festival season when you don’t want..

Price: £5.99

Pixelated Sonic The Hedgehog Building Bricks Kit

Have you ever wondered how they made Sonic in the Sonic the Hedgehog games?! He was always so small ..

Price: £7.95

PlayStation Coasters Vol.1

I'll have a cup of AWESOME please! How amazing are these Playstation coasters? Show your friends exa..

Price: £14.99

PlayStation Console Keyring

Can you believe we were first introduced to the Play Station in 1994? Who knew the year brought more..

Price: £4.99

Playstation Controller Keyring

Looking for something to jazz up your boring keys? Game over - we have a winner! This awesome Playst..

Price: £4.99

PlayStation Shaped Backpack

You can now take your PlayStation with you everywhere! This rather astonishing backpack is formed ju..

Price: £32.99

PlayStation Shaped Bi-Fold Wallet

Do not underestimate the power of PlayStation. This amazing wallet comes in the form of the best sel..

Price: £14.99

PlayStation Shaped Messenger Bag

Why not take your PlayStation on a vacation! This handy messenger bag can be your trusty companion, ..

Price: £32.99

Retro Gamer Ghosts Backpack

This is an absolute must have for ALL gamer geeks or geekesses! Covered in an array of colourful arc..

Price: £23.99

Retro Gamer Shoulder Bag

Show off your love of retro gaming with this fun shoulder bag inspired by a famous hand held gaming ..

Price: £24.99

Sonic The Hedgehog Ice Cube Tray

Let Sonic the Hedgehog as some ICE COOL style to your beverages with this awesome ice mould!..

Price: £6.99

Sonic The Hedgehog Leopard Print Bseball Cap With Ears

Show your wild side with this awesome leopard print Sonic The Hedgehog baseball cap, complete with a..

Price: £18.99

Space Invader Coffee Cozy - Coffee Cup Cozy for geeks and gamers

This coffee cozy with it's hand-embroidered bright green Space Invader design is perfect for any cof..

Price: £9.79

Space Invaders Colour Changing Mug

Released back in 1978 Space Invaders changed the face of video games as it introduced arcade gaming..

Price: £5.99

Street Fighter LED Torch With Sound Keychain

This awesome keychain features the popular Street Fighter character Ryu. Press his chest and a super..

Price: £7.99

Tetris Heat Change Mug

This magical mug brings Tetris to life when hot water is added. The heat reacts to show the Tetromin..

Price: £6.99

Tetris Light UK Mains Powered with Seven Individual Tetriminos

The new Tetris Light from Paladone Products is the perfect gift for fans of the ever-popular Tetris ..

Price: £24.99

Tetris Mini Jigsaw Puzzle

With only 100 pieces you may be fooled in to thinking our Tetris Mini Jigsaw Puzzle will be a doddle..

Price: £6.99

Unisex Sonic The Hedgehog Game Over Lounge Pants

If you have a 'Game Over' attitude when your working week finishes, then this awesome pair of lounge..

Price: £18.99

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