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Arse/Face Soap

Brighten up their morning routine with this hilarious (and not to mention practical!) gift, a double..

Price: £5.99

Arse/Face Sponge

Give a rubbish gift guaranteed to provoke fits of laughter with the Arse/Face Sponge. From the clean..

Price: £4.99

Bacon Soap

Do you want to know what the most irresistible scent on the planet is? You might think of floral fra..

Price: £4.95

Bacon Toothpaste

Can't decide if this is rubbish or awesome. So you've enjoyed your scrumptious bacon sandwich in the..

Price: £4.95

Batman Bath Duck DC Comics

Turn every bathtime into an adventure with fun this Batman Bath Duck. This isn't any ordinar..

Price: £6.00

Batman Cape Towel DC Comics

Let boring bath time be a thing of the past when you become the world's greatest superhero, with the..

Price: £12.95

Beer OClock Beer Soap

Enjoy a refreshing wash with this select beer soap from the master brewer at the Beer O&39;Clock..

Price: £8.99

Beer Shower Curtain

A fun item for the home! Features: Appeals to beer lovers, students and home owners with a sense ..

Price: £9.95

Beer Shower Gel

The perfect gift for any Beer swigger! Features: 300ml Of beer coloured lathering shower gel Bott..

Price: £4.95

Belly Button Brush

For the person who has everything! Our Belly Button Brush is the ultimate status symbol, which carr..

Price: £9.99

Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Kit

Features: Beard grooming kit that contains everything you need for a soft, well groomed and healthy..

Price: £23.95

Blood Bath - Bath Mat

Upon entering the bathroom give your guests the shock of their lives with this Blood Bath Mat - the ..

Price: £10.94

Blood bath hand towel

Add a sinister splash of blood and gore to your bathroom with our latest addition to the infamous Bl..

Price: £7.99

Blood Bath Shower Curtain

Fans of movie horror and lovers of slasher gore in general will love this blood bath Shower Curtain...

Price: £4.99

Blood Bath Shower Gel

Forget about Cocoa Butter and Honey Jojoba, all the vampires nowadays are washing in cherry scented ..

Price: £4.95

Boba Fett Star Wars Hooded Bathrobe

Boba Fett Star Wars Hooded Bathrobe You might've seen the other Star Wars bath robes, you may have b..

Price: £34.99

Caution Cone

Is the smell of someone's toilet habits simply just too much to handle? Then the Caution Cone is the..

Price: £4.95

Cheese Grater Loo Roll

The Cheese Grater Loo Roll is a great and hilarious bad gift for all those real men out there!We all..

Price: £4.95

Crime Scene Toilet Roll

This is the perfect gift for toilet crime far and wide. When an offence has been committed against y..

Price: £2.99

Cupcake Shower Cap

Everybody loves a good cupcake, and there are so many to choose from; vanilla, red velvet, lemon, ch..

Price: £4.95

DC Comics Superman Bath Duck

Have a splashing time with this fun, official DC Comics Superman bath duck! A SUPER addition to any ..

Price: £4.99

Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Curtain

The good news is - this shower curtain is AMAZING. The bad news does NOT make your shower b..

Price: £25.99

Gelli Baff

Turn bath time into fun time with gelli baff! Gelli Baff turns water into goo and back again - it's ..

Price: £4.95

Glow In The Dark Toilet Roll

Light your way to the toilet in the dark – just by following the glow of the loo roll! Ideal for t..

Price: £3.99

Gnome Soap on a Rope

A gnome shaped vegetable soap made using the finest natural ingredients. Delicated scented with wate..

Price: £6.95

Heisenberg's Bath Salts

Do you need a bath bad? These bathing salts styled like Heisenberg's famous blue crystals are extrem..

Price: £7.99

Lavatory and Kitty Litter Mist – Killer McFluffy Room Spray

Features: You can blame the cat...or you can use this magic elixir Conquer any awkward or potentia..

Price: £7.95

MAN Toilet Football

A football fan is a loyal sort Football infiltrates their life in every way possible and that is the..

Price: £6.59

No Shit Sherlock Lavatory Mist - Light Lemon and Cedar

Keep your toilet smelling fresh with the No Sh*t Sherlock Lavatory Mist. With a beautiful fragrance ..

Price: £6.99

Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

The Nose Gel Dispenser is revolting and hilarious in equal measure! Kids love all things repulsive a..

Price: £11.99

Oil Shower Gel

Bath time has suddenly become very untraditional with cherry scented shower gel! Dimensions: 14cm x..

Price: £4.95

On A Roll - Sudoku Loo Roll

Adorned with Sudoku puzzles on every sheet, the On A Roll – Sudoku Toilet Roll is perfect for anyone..

Price: £5.99

Pola Roll

This is a very cool gift! Features: Pola Roll Toilet Paper Holder Dispenses toilet paper as it is..

Price: £14.95


Spritz your bathroom with this award winning blend of essential oils as you make anyone following yo..

Price: £7.95

Potty Fisher

Introducing our fantastic Potty Fisher, the unique game that lets you enjoy some fishing whilst usin..

Price: £9.99

Potty Putter

The toilet time golf game, that allows you to maximize your putting skills! The Potty Putter comes c..

Price: £8.95

Queen Of The Shower Cap

Shower time is me time, the only bit of the day when you really get to relax and be on your own.When..

Price: £4.95

Retro Microphone Shower Head

Do you enjoy a good old sing along in the shower? For many, it's a place where the voice usually sou..

Price: £4.99

Ring of Fire After Curry Wipes

Curries are THE favourite food of most people in the UK. Ask Google, it’ll tell you. They’re hot and..

Price: £3.95

Sandwich Sponge

Our Sandwich Sponge looks good enough to eat - But don't be fooled! This brilliant scouring sponge i..

Price: £8.99

Scary Shower Curtain

Ever been in the shower, blasting out your favourite show tune, eyes shut, hair lathered, only to fe..

Price: £11.99

Sexy Man Shower Curtain

Are you used to waking up to a sexy man in your shower? No? In your house, are you more likely to op..

Price: £11.99

Shots In A Box Bubble Bath

Features: Contains 4 shot glasses of bubble bath Each 12cm shot glass contains 45ml of bubble bath ..

Price: £7.95

Slam Dump Toilet Basketball

This is the hilarious novelty Slam Dump Toilet Basketball game, the perfect cure for bathroom boredo..

Price: £9.99

Sudoku Toilet Roll

The world&39;s first Sudoku Toilet Roll is now available for toilets in homes and offices Pull d..

Price: £5.69

Superman Bath Duck DC Comics

Your child can enjoy a super bath with this Superman Bath Duck! Dressed in classic Superman ..

Price: £6.00

Superman Cape Towel DC Comics

Even Superman needs to shower and rest sometimes - if he didn't the world would be in grave danger –..

Price: £12.95

The Loo Companion

Like reading in the loo? For many it's the only place where one can enjoy a bit of solitude away fro..

Price: £7.99

Toast and Jam Body Wash

This 'tasty' body wash set includes a lovely strawberry fragranced body wash and a durable toast spo..

Price: £6.95

Trivia For The Toilet

Consider a minute in the bathroom a minute wasted? Wish you could utilise that time? The Trivia For ..

Price: £7.99

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