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Claude The Cat - Bird Feeder

One of the biggest mysteries of the natural world meet Claude the cat who feeds birds. Featuring a..

Price: £9.99

Flower Grenade Throw and Grow

Where there's dirt there can be flowers! That's the premise behind the Throw and Grow Flower Grenad..

Price: £9.99

Game Of Gnomes Garden Gnome

Features: Made of resin and is weatherproof Makes a great gag gift Dimensions: 19 x 17 x 27cm..

Price: £17.95

Garden Flamingos

Features: Set of 2 The original 'Yard Art' flamingos The ultimate kitsch accessory for your garden..

Price: £22.95

Garden Gnome On The Throne

Brighten up your back garden and usurp the quiet dignity of garden gnomes everywhere with this rib-t..

Price: £17.94

Great Garden Gnome Massacre

RAWWR. This T-Rex garden ornament is coming to eat all the hapless gnomes in your garden. Please be ..

Price: £24.99

Grow Me - Hot Stuff

Grow your own chillies with the Grow Me Hot Stuff! This gift contains everything you need to grow y..

Price: £4.95

Grow Me - Snore Ease

Having trouble getting a peaceful night's sleep? Do you have a partner who snores? Irritating isn't ..

Price: £4.95

Grow Me - Sprouts

There's nothing better than home grown veg! Treat your family this Christmas and grow your own sprou..

Price: £4.95

Mario Gnome

The humble garden gnome has had a makeover and this Super Mario version is set to upstage your wacky..

Price: £24.99

Muppets Planter - Animal

You love plants and flowers and all things natural – you’re a right little green fingered person, yo..

Price: £7.95

Muppets Planter - Kermit

When it comes to nature, green is good, but greener is better. You know just how to make things more..

Price: £7.95

Naughty Dancing Garden Gnome

Some garden gnomes aren't content to entertain your garden guests by simply standing there in a poin..

Price: £19.99

Nibble My Bits Bird Feeder

This little fella has got his eye on all the birds and he is the ideal addition to your garden if yo..

Price: £10.99

Personalised Leather Gardening Gloves

You love your garden – it provides enough sun in the summer for a good old barbecue, and enough shad..

Price: £29.95

Say What Again Pulp Fiction Gnome

I'm sorry, did we break your concentration? Our short-tempered gnome is based on Pulp Fiction's Jule..

Price: £19.99

Scarface Angry Gnome

An amazing gift for Scarface fans! Features: The Scarface Garden Gnome takes no prisoners! "Say h..

Price: £14.95

Sow and Grow Bug Eating Plants

Kids will love to grow their own carnivorous plants This gift box includes everything needed for ki..

Price: £7.99

Sow and Grow Your Own Magical Fairy Flowers

Grow your own fairy garden This gift box includes everything needed for kids to grow an enchanting ..

Price: £9.99

Star Wars Death Star Ceramic Bird House

The Death Star ceramic bird house is a stunning decorative item that is the perfect treat for both t..

Price: £22.49

The Garden Owner's Survival Guide

The perfect fun gift book for all garden owners, from the most experienced of gardeners to those jus..

Price: £2.99

The Gnominator Garden Gnome

The nominator garden gnome is a great addition to any garden and will add a bit of protection to kee..

Price: £19.99

The Great Garden Gnome Massacre

The Great Garden Gnome Massacre stands 9 inches tall and is truly terrifying! Features: Made of re..

Price: £22.95

The Mutant Gnome

The humble garden gnome has had a makeover and this awesome hand painted version is Turtle-y AWESOME..

Price: £24.99

Thumbs Up Ninja Gnome

Throughout the centuries Ninjas have defeated warriors and warlords; now a new battle is about to co..

Price: £16.94

Zombie Gnome

Fishing is for wimps, and those pesky animals that ruin your garden need to be taught a proper lesso..

Price: £14.95

Zombie Gnome - Crawler

Don&39;t drag your feet with this guy around! The Zombie Gnome&39;s afflicted cousin is a cr..

Price: £11.99

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