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Framed Nintendo Mario Face Mirror

Mama Mia! Boy, do we have a treat for you! If you're a fan of the (incredibly) Super Mario Brothers,..

Price: £12.99

French Fries Cushion

Features: Photorealistic cushion Amazing Cushion that will truly make you look twice! Sublimation ..

Price: £11.95

Fry Up Mug

How do you like your eggs? How about, on the side of an awesome mug, celebrating the good old englis..

Price: £4.99

Game Of Gnomes Garden Gnome

Features: Made of resin and is weatherproof Makes a great gag gift Dimensions: 19 x 17 x 27cm..

Price: £17.95

Garden Flamingos

Features: Set of 2 The original 'Yard Art' flamingos The ultimate kitsch accessory for your garden..

Price: £22.95

Garden Gnome On The Throne

Brighten up your back garden and usurp the quiet dignity of garden gnomes everywhere with this rib-t..

Price: £17.94

Gelli Baff

Turn bath time into fun time with gelli baff! Gelli Baff turns water into goo and back again - it's ..

Price: £4.95

Genius Paperclip Holder

Inject some ingenuity into your mediocre office space and use Einstein as inspiration during moments..

Price: £5.99

GIANT Danger Mouse Mr Big Mug

It's Mr Big on a BIG mug! If you're a fan of Dangermouse, then this awesome mug is the best way to e..

Price: £9.99

Giant Tea Cup Bowl

What’s better than a regular cup of tea a GIANT cup of tea! The Teacup bowl is a beautiful addition ..

Price: £9.49

Giant Willy Mould

What could make a party better than a Giant Willy?! Get your mind out of the gutter, we’re talking a..

Price: £6.95

Glow In The Dark Toilet Roll

Light your way to the toilet in the dark – just by following the glow of the loo roll! Ideal for t..

Price: £3.99

Gnome Soap on a Rope

A gnome shaped vegetable soap made using the finest natural ingredients. Delicated scented with wate..

Price: £6.95

Goldfish Tea Infuser

Here's one Goldfish that won't die and need to be flushed down the loo. Ok, many enjoy the benefits ..

Price: £3.99

Great Garden Gnome Massacre

RAWWR. This T-Rex garden ornament is coming to eat all the hapless gnomes in your garden. Please be ..

Price: £24.99

Grenade Mug

Wake up with a blast and have your cuppa out of this Grenade Mug! Not only does the Grenade Mug come..

Price: £7.95

Grime Writer

Much more socially acceptable than real graffiti and (more importantly) a lot less illegal - Our Gri..

Price: £7.99

Grow Me - Hot Stuff

Grow your own chillies with the Grow Me Hot Stuff! This gift contains everything you need to grow y..

Price: £4.95

Grow Me - Snore Ease

Having trouble getting a peaceful night's sleep? Do you have a partner who snores? Irritating isn't ..

Price: £4.95

Grow Me - Sprouts

There's nothing better than home grown veg! Treat your family this Christmas and grow your own sprou..

Price: £4.95

Grumpy Cat Cushion

Features: Photo-realistic cushion Amazing Cushion that will truly make you look twice! Sublimation..

Price: £11.95

Grumpy Old Git Kit

Features: Contains a black mug, socks and tin of mints with 'GRUMPY OLD GIT' on The mug measures 12..

Price: £9.95

Guess Who Mug

Who doesn't love the retro game Guess Who! Now you can bring the memories of this awesome..

Price: £6.95

Guitar Flipper

The rock 'n' roll flippers for your frying pan turn cooking into a musical experience. Wield your fl..

Price: £6.99

Gun Alarm Clock

•Innovative alarm clock combines target shooting game•3 laser target shooting gaming modes•Maximum s..

Price: £19.99

Happy Man Bottle Opener

Excited about cracking open a beer after a hard day? Not as excited as the Happy Man Bottle Opener!&..

Price: £5.99

Happy Man Twin Set - Bottle Stop & Corkscrew

This well-endowed duo work as the perfect team in assisting you with your bottle of wine. Their miss..

Price: £9.99

Haynes - Men's Cooking Manual

Don’t know your cheese greater from a bread knife, or the difference between a saucepan and a frying..

Price: £14.95

Haynes - Women's Home DIY

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there were men. Real men who did their own washing and coo..

Price: £14.95

Heisenberg's Bath Salts

Do you need a bath bad? These bathing salts styled like Heisenberg's famous blue crystals are extrem..

Price: £7.99

Henry Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

•Miniature version of actual Henry Vacuum•Picks up dust and crumbs from your desk•Easy to empty and ..

Price: £14.99

Henry Shaped Mug

Have a cuppa with Henry thanks to this iconic retro mug inspired by that friendly and familiar face ..

Price: £9.99

Hetty Desk Top Vacuum Cleaner

This has to be the best new addition to the Prezzybox product portfolio in 10 years! Its handy, usef..

Price: £10.95

Hooty Snowy Heatable Owl

The Hooty Snowy Heatable Owl from Interlex will keep you toasty warm. Cute and cuddly this adorable..

Price: £9.99

Horse Head Pillow Case

A gift for the home with a difference, our Horse Head Pillow Case is a funny, gory gift that's ..

Price: £13.99

How To Poo At Work

Features: This hilarious book could save your career The ultimate guide to going to the toilet at ..

Price: £6.95

How To Survive A Zombie Attack Mug

Imagine this, a zombie apocalypse is upon us. It's every man for themselves, desperate to escape the..

Price: £8.99

I Heart Biscuits Mug with Biscuit Pocket

This great I Heart Biscuits Mug with Biscuit Pocket means there'll be no more fumbling around trying..

Price: £10.00

I Heart Spreadsheets Mug

Who doesn't love spreadsheets? With their tidy lines and enthralling sums they bring a little sunsh..

Price: £4.99

I Love Farting Mug With Sounds

We all know someone who just loves to let rip. Doesn't matter if they're in bed, on the train or eve..

Price: £9.95

I Love Rainbow Mug

Who doesn't love Rainbow, any child of the 80's or 90's cannot fail to be tempted by this awesome re..

Price: £5.99

Ice Cream Shaped Door Stop

The Ice Cream Shaped Door Stop is a fun yet practical way of keeping your household and office doors..

Price: £6.99


Whether you know a Richard or a Dicky, a Tom or a Harry – this mug is perfect for them all!Tell the ..

Price: £7.49

iMusic Pillow

Nothing defines relaxation like getting yourself cosy in bed and listening to your favourite music. ..

Price: £12.99

Inflatable Gadget Chair (Everthing Chair)

Kick back and relax on the awesome Everything Chair. Comfort and entertainment are the top priority ..

Price: £49.99

Ironing Man

For most people out there ironing is a tedious chore that is relegated to Sunday afternoons if you’r..

Price: £4.99

Jammy Dodger Cushion

This jam biscuit shaped cushion doesn't take the biscuit but rather puts the biscuit in any room! In..

Price: £12.95

Karate Chopper Lettuce Knife

Karate Chopper Lettuce Knife Thanks to its plastic blade, the Karate Chopper can stop the oxidisatio..

Price: £3.99

Karoto Carrot Peeler

This awesome little device creates a unique and fun way to peel your veg! Not only can you peel you..

Price: £9.95

Katana Samurai Sword Bookends

Slice your way through your books and DVD collection with this pair of bookends inspired by the Ninj..

Price: £14.99

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