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Kate Middleton Wall Clock

Relax in the presence of royalty by hanging this Kate Middleton Wall Clock above your mantelpiece an..

Price: £1.99

Kermit The Frog Muppets Oven Glove

Things tend to get pretty hot in the kitchen when Miss Piggy is involved - naturally Kermit comes to..

Price: £7.99

Key Pete - Magnetic Key Keeper

Connect Key Pete to any metal surface and let him hold your keys! Our little magnetic strong man wi..

Price: £9.99

Kotobukiya Star Wars Mace Windu Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks

Mace Windu was a Jedi Master on the Council during the Battle of Naboo and subsequent Clone Wars.Kno..

Price: £14.99

Kotobukiya Star Wars Ryouma Sakamoto Samurai Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks

Sakamoto Ryoma was a prominent figure in the movement to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate during the..

Price: £14.99

Kotobukiya Star Wars Shinsaku Takasugi Samurai Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks

Takasugi Shinsaku was a samurai from the Chōshū Domain of Japan who contributed significantly to the..

Price: £14.99

Kotobukiya Star Wars Yoda Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks

Despite his small size the Jedi Master Yoda was both strong in the Force and had served as a Jedi f..

Price: £14.99

Laundry Punch Bag

Get even with your laundry using this Laundry Punch Bag! Features: Turn a chore into a workout Big e..

Price: £14.95

Lavatory and Kitty Litter Mist – Killer McFluffy Room Spray

Features: You can blame the cat...or you can use this magic elixir Conquer any awkward or potentia..

Price: £7.95

Lazy Housekeeper Mop Slippers

When cleaning doesn't come naturally we have come up with a very practical solution. With the Mop S..

Price: £6.99

LE GORDON BLEU Salt and Pepper Holder

The delightful Le Gordon Bleu Chef continues his great service with a smile.This creative salt &..

Price: £13.00

LE GORDON BLEU Utensil Holder

The enjoyable Le Gordon Bleu Chef returns with his infectious smile. This utensil holder would make ..

Price: £13.00

LED Light-Up Cocktail Shaker

Cocktails are everyone’s favourite – not only do they taste great, they’re also fun to make! Make yo..

Price: £8.95

Legless Pirate Corkscrew

Features: Pirate bottle opener in the shape of a pirate Corkscrew with easy-open lever, foil-cutter..

Price: £9.95

Lens Shot Glass

Designed to look just like a camera lens the Lens Shot Glass is the perfect gift for any photograph..

Price: £6.99

Lid Sid Saucepan Lid Riser

Let off some steam in the kitchen with Lid Sid. This unique kitchen accessory hangs over the edge of..

Price: £7.99

Light Bulb Salt And Pepper Shakers

These dinky salt and pepper shakers will be a unique talking point at your next dinner party. Made..

Price: £6.99

Like! Tea/Coffee Mugs

Tea and coffee mugs for the social networking generation... ideal gift for the Facebook addict. Not ..

Price: £5.95

Little Miss Naughty Mug

A mug for every character you know and love from the popular range of Mr Men books! Our favourite Mr..

Price: £5.99

Machete Spatula

The ideal accessory for chefs cooking up a killer feast on the BBQ the Machete Spatula not only fli..

Price: £11.99

Man Bowl

Do you find yourself always dishing up extra portions for the greedy man in your life! Then we think..

Price: £12.95

Man Flu Survivor Mug

Man Flu - The mysterious illness that men claim is horrible and women claim is made up. We all know ..

Price: £5.99

Man Mug

The Man Mug – the manliest mug around! Features: Oversized Man Mug Saw handle has a slot for a pe..

Price: £9.95

MAN Toilet Football

A football fan is a loyal sort Football infiltrates their life in every way possible and that is the..

Price: £6.59

Mario Gnome

The humble garden gnome has had a makeover and this Super Mario version is set to upstage your wacky..

Price: £24.99

Marvel Comics 3D Captain America Shield Wall Light

Make a Marvel-ous statement with this bold Captain America Shield wall light! It looks just like the..

Price: £36.99

Marvel Comics 3D Hulk Fist Wall Light

Make a Marvel-ous statement with this punchy Incredible Hulk wall light! It looks just like the big ..

Price: £36.99

Marvel Comics 3D Iron Man Mask Wall Light

Make a Marvel-ous statement with this bold Iron Man mask wall light! This is a technical wonder that..

Price: £36.99

Marvel Comics 3D Spider-Man Mask Wall Light

Make a Marvel-ous statement with this cracking Spider-Man mask wall light! This striking work of art..

Price: £36.99

MC Hammer: Can't Touch This Mug

When MC Hammer hit the scene with his baggy pants, running man dance and of course, the classic choo..

Price: £5.99

Meerkat Pen

Meerkats, those cute little rodents native to the African continent are now extremely popular due ma..

Price: £3.99

Melting Clock

Delightfully Dali and quintessentially surreal, this L-shaped clock might appear hot stuff, but can ..

Price: £8.95

Melting Liquid Lamp

This super cool white Melting Liquid Lamp will look completely awesome anywhere its placed! On the d..

Price: £12.95

Mens Razor Vegetable Peeler

Even the toughest vegetables have sensitive skin! This razor shaped peeler gives spuds and veg a gen..

Price: £6.49

Mini Shopping Trolley Desk Tidy

This cute mini trolley is a unique way to house your pens, pencils and paperclips.Blessed with a stu..

Price: £7.99

Miss Food Face Plate

Our fantastic Food Face gives Kids the chance to play with their food and exercise their creativity ..

Price: £9.99

Moust-Have Coasters

Raise a smile as well as your glass with these kooky coasters, guaranteed to bring some cheer.13cm x..

Price: £4.95

Moustache Mug

Enjoy drinking your tea or coffee out of this amusing Moustache Mug! Each side has a different style..

Price: £5.95

Mr Men Mr Grumpy 3D Mug

If you're looking for a reason to smile then this awesome Mr Grumpy mug would be a good place to sta..

Price: £8.99

Mr Potato Head Mug

Now, we are friends with A LOT of potatoes, but Mr Potato Head has to be our best spud! From his ama..

Price: £7.99

Mr T Shut Up Fool Mug

Celebrate the plain speaking Mr T with this this awesome mug featuring the A-Team's hard man and his..

Price: £5.99

Mr Tea Cosy

I ain't getting on no teapot! Well, actually yes you are. Mr Tea Cosy might be reluctant, but he do..

Price: £12.99

Mr Tea Infuser

Mr. Tea is a cheerful little chap who just loves chilling out in a hot cuppa. Simply fill his little..

Price: £10.00

Mr Tea Mug

If you have a problem… if no one else can help… then maybe you should quit your jibba jabba, pop the..

Price: £8.99

Mrs Potato Head Mug

Everyone loves Mrs Potato head, without a doubt - the cream of the crop! She's 50% of team Awesome....

Price: £7.99

Mug Muscles

Get a workout and a beer! Features: Mug Muscles - Sippin' 'n Rippin' Do you have the strength to ..

Price: £9.95

Mugga Mug

Crime is, quite literally, a mug’s game with the Mugga Mug. Complete with a balaclava to keep y..

Price: £8.00

Muppets Planter - Animal

You love plants and flowers and all things natural – you’re a right little green fingered person, yo..

Price: £7.95

Muppets Planter - Kermit

When it comes to nature, green is good, but greener is better. You know just how to make things more..

Price: £7.95

My Little Pony Bookends

Young girls will love these colourful wooden bookends featuring Twilight Sparkle. A gorgeous access..

Price: £12.99

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