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Stickmen Bookends

The classic stickman Character of choice for doodlers and wannabe ninjas You&39;re going to need..

Price: £12.34

Stormtrooper Bookends

If you've been looking for something to keep your shelves neat and tidy or perhaps you want a soluti..

Price: £24.99

Strawberry Cushion

Features: Photo realistic cushion Amazing Cushion that will truly make you look twice! Sublimation..

Price: £11.95

Stress Balls Stress Relief Toy

if you feel the world has you by the short and curlies sometimes, then don't succumb to stress!..

Price: £4.99

Subbuteo Salt & Pepper Grinders

We all love to have our retro fix from time to time. For some it's in the form of listening to music..

Price: £24.99

Sudoku Toilet Roll

The world&39;s first Sudoku Toilet Roll is now available for toilets in homes and offices Pull d..

Price: £5.69

Sunnyside Egg Shaper

Sunnyside is the cutest way to eat an egg! Pop the egg white into the cloud area and the yolk into t..

Price: £7.99

Superman Bar Stool DC Comics

If you know someone who is a huge fan of superheroes and Superman in particular, then this is a perf..

Price: £39.99

Superman Bath Duck DC Comics

Your child can enjoy a super bath with this Superman Bath Duck! Dressed in classic Superman ..

Price: £6.00

Superman Cape Towel DC Comics

Even Superman needs to shower and rest sometimes - if he didn't the world would be in grave danger –..

Price: £12.95

Superman Caped Knee High Socks DC Comics

Immediately claim the nickname Calves of Steel with these unisex Superman Caped Knee High Socks! The..

Price: £6.99

Superman Look A Lite DC Comics

Features: Officially licensed DC Comics Merchandise LED Mood Lamp Perfect for putting on your beds..

Price: £19.95

Surprise Mug - I'm a Twat

Office pranks don't get better than this. What looks like an innocent mug actually harbours a guilty..

Price: £6.99

Sweet Pony Rocking Cookie Cutter

The Sweet Pony Rocking Cookie Cutter makes perfectly shapes biscuits in seconds! Simply rock the P..

Price: £6.95

Tape Deck Boombox Cushion

If you are forever changing your style but want something consistently cool to sit on your sofa or b..

Price: £20.99

Target Board Magnetic Key Holder

Never misplace your keys again thanks to this cool Target Board Magnetic Key Holder. Just ch..

Price: £6.00

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D Leonardo Mug

Wowzers! It doesn't get much cooler than this when it comes to 80's mugs! The courageous leader of T..

Price: £10.99

Tetris Heat Change Mug

This magical mug brings Tetris to life when hot water is added. The heat reacts to show the Tetromin..

Price: £6.99

Tetris Light UK Mains Powered with Seven Individual Tetriminos

The new Tetris Light from Paladone Products is the perfect gift for fans of the ever-popular Tetris ..

Price: £24.99

The Beep Egg

Eggs are truly the most versatile of foods. They’re tasty, easy to cook and can be eaten in so many ..

Price: £12.95

The Big Pink One

Like The Big Chopper, but pink! These two interlocking boards give the unique shape that is the Big ..

Price: £19.99

The Camper Van Cookbook

The Camper Van Cookbook is the highly original and entertaining cookbook which not only lends an ins..

Price: £8.50

The Cheeseburger Cookie Jar

Features: A must have for any cheeseburger fan Great addition to any kitchen Ceramic and hand paint..

Price: £21.95

The Drunken Cookbook

Whether it's a quiet pint of ale in a traditional pub or Jäger-Bombs at 2am, one thing always follow..

Price: £7.99

The Farting Pen Holder

There’s something really great about letting one rip; it’s almost like stress relief. So when you wa..

Price: £9.95

The Garden Owner's Survival Guide

The perfect fun gift book for all garden owners, from the most experienced of gardeners to those jus..

Price: £2.99

The Gnominator Garden Gnome

The nominator garden gnome is a great addition to any garden and will add a bit of protection to kee..

Price: £19.99

The Great Garden Gnome Massacre

The Great Garden Gnome Massacre stands 9 inches tall and is truly terrifying! Features: Made of re..

Price: £22.95

The Hungover Cookbook

The morning after - the drilling headache, the waves of nausea, the paranoia, the guilt, the shame. ..

Price: £7.99

The King Elvis Presley Look A Lite

Features: Official Licensed Merchandise By Groovy Based On The King Of Rock And Roll LED Mood Lamp..

Price: £19.95

The King Elvis Presley Washing Up Brush

Perfect for anyone who likes to shake their hips, doing the dishes has never been so much fun than w..

Price: £7.99

The Loo Companion

Like reading in the loo? For many it's the only place where one can enjoy a bit of solitude away fro..

Price: £7.99

The Mutant Gnome

The humble garden gnome has had a makeover and this awesome hand painted version is Turtle-y AWESOME..

Price: £24.99

The Original Toilet Mug

A truly bad gift. This silly toilet-shaped mug holds up to 12oz of your favorite hot beverage and wi..

Price: £10.99

The Simpsons - Marge Washing Up Brush

Behind every great man stands a woman, sadly for Marge Bouvier Simpson she just got caught standing ..

Price: £7.99

The Simpsons Duff Beer Mug

Many a drunken debate, nuisance phone call and general silliness has occurred at Moe's Tavern. An es..

Price: £9.99

Thumbs Up Ninja Gnome

Throughout the centuries Ninjas have defeated warriors and warlords; now a new battle is about to co..

Price: £16.94

Thumbsup High Tea

Material high quality ceramic Teacup and separate saucer included Volume 170mls Fragile not dishwash..

Price: £11.99

Toast and Jam Body Wash

This 'tasty' body wash set includes a lovely strawberry fragranced body wash and a durable toast spo..

Price: £6.95

Toxic Pop Up Laundry Basket

Caution! Radioactive materials...sorry I mean clothes! Tired of that smelly washing pile on the fl..

Price: £8.99

Transformers Autobot Shaped Mug

Transform your brew with the Transformers Autobot Shaped Mug. This black mug is designed to look jus..

Price: £7.99

Transformers Optimus Prime Egg Cup And Toast Cutter

Battle breakfast with help from this awesome Optimus Prime Egg Cup and Toast Cutter!..

Price: £8.99

Trivia For The Toilet

Consider a minute in the bathroom a minute wasted? Wish you could utilise that time? The Trivia For ..

Price: £7.99

Turntable Kitchen Timer

When you’re cooking, you need to make sure you’ve got time on your side. But who wants a timer that ..

Price: £9.95

Up Yours Mug

Features: Surprise gesture found at the bottom of the cup Quality ceramic Dishwasher/microwave sa..

Price: £6.99

VW Beetle Washbag

Add a bit of classic British charm to the bathroom with our wonderful, officially-licensed VW Beetle..

Price: £19.99

W Anchor Mug

The W Anchor Mug is the perfect gift for a bit of humour! It may seem inoffensive at first but put ..

Price: £5.95

Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy

The Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy will help to organise your desk and keep it free from mess and clutter. Ma..

Price: £6.99

X-Ray Oven Glove

The X-Ray Oven Glove is a quirky and fun way of protecting your hands from hot dishes. Made from a b..

Price: £7.99

Zombie Blood Shower Gel II - Green

Bring a touch of fun to your bathroom with the Zombie Blood Shower Gel II in green. Presented in a r..

Price: £6.99

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