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Adult Saucy Charades

Normal charades can often become quite plain and dull, simply having to act out a movie, tv show or ..

Price: £7.99

Candy Bra

Where do we begin with this product? It does exactly what it says on the tin - The Candy Bra - a bra..

Price: £5.95

Candy G-String

Darwins theory of evolution most definitely applies to the candy range. Gone are the days of chewing..

Price: £5.95

Candy Posing Pouch

There are some products which simply can't help putting a smile on your face - in more ways than one..

Price: £5.95

Foreplay In A Row

Connect four just got saucy. Spice up your love life with this fun adult version of a well-loved two..

Price: £12.95

Giant Willy Mould

What could make a party better than a Giant Willy?! Get your mind out of the gutter, we’re talking a..

Price: £6.95

Happy Man Bottle Opener

Excited about cracking open a beer after a hard day? Not as excited as the Happy Man Bottle Opener!&..

Price: £5.99

Happy Man Twin Set - Bottle Stop & Corkscrew

This well-endowed duo work as the perfect team in assisting you with your bottle of wine. Their miss..

Price: £9.99

How To Bonk In Public

Sometimes, the feeling overcomes you and you just need to jump your other half right there. You know..

Price: £6.95

Inflatable Willy Costume

What a truly bad fancy dress costume!  Inflatable Willy Costume with attached fan Battery compa..

Price: £26.95

Mascara Vibrator

Goodness, your eyes look wonderfully bright today – and you’re positively glowing. Maybe it’s that n..

Price: £19.95

Naughty Dancing Garden Gnome

Some garden gnomes aren't content to entertain your garden guests by simply standing there in a poin..

Price: £19.99

Nibble My Bits Bird Feeder

This little fella has got his eye on all the birds and he is the ideal addition to your garden if yo..

Price: £10.99

Penis Pasta

Have your partner and friends saying 'Mama Mia' when you make them this Italian pasta with an extrem..

Price: £4.95

Personalised Booby Melting Chocolate Bar

Personalised Booby Melting Chocolate Bar These cheeky Personalised Booby Melting Chocolate Bars are ..

Price: £5.99

Shag Yourself Thin

Shag Yourself Thin is the not so serious and hilarious yet surprisingly informative book for those f..

Price: £3.95

Shenanigans Rude Balloon Modelling

We all like a bit of naughty - especially when it involves things we wouldn't usually expect! And th..

Price: £5.95

Shenanigans Rude Origami

Let’s get a little rude! With this rude origami set, that’s exactly what you'll be getting!Your kit ..

Price: £5.95

Spectacular Uses for a Saggy Scrotum

Spectacular Suggestions for a Saggy Scrotum is not just a useful guide to dealing with the fact your..

Price: £7.99

Stress Balls Stress Relief Toy

if you feel the world has you by the short and curlies sometimes, then don't succumb to stress!..

Price: £4.99

Strip and Tease Adult Game

The Strip and Tease Adult Game is the naughty and kinky game needed to spice up you and your partner..

Price: £9.95

The Big Pink One

Like The Big Chopper, but pink! These two interlocking boards give the unique shape that is the Big ..

Price: £19.99

The Butt Putt Golfing Game

Put the art back into farting with this wickedly fun golfing game. Shaped like a big old butt poking..

Price: £17.95

The Man Sack

Who says fashion can't be anatomically correct? Certainly not this rather fetching man sack!  A..

Price: £14.99

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